Agora Cushion Vinyl Flooring

Type: Domestic Vinyl
Composition: Heterogenous
Style: Timber Look
Guarantee: 15 Year Waranty
Width: 4.00 m

INSTOCK VINYLS @ $110.00 per lineal metre

ORDER IN PRODUCTS @ $149.00 per lineal metre

For a new flair in cushion flooring, POLYSTYL has created the AGORA range. POLYSTYL floor-coverings are designed and manufactured to enhance slip resistance. Indepandant Laboratory tests have confrimed these properties significantly reduce the risk of slipping.

POLYSTYL has developed R-Max, a new wear layer surface treatment using reinforced polyurethane combined with Aluminium oxide. Aluminium oxide is the third hardest substance after diamond and carbon giving R-Max 3-4 times greater resistance than polyurethane alone. Thanks to R-Max, Agora better resists scuff marks, is easy maintenance and prolongs the appearance of the floor.


A correct maintenance regime will enhance the life expectancy and appearance of your flooring.

Avoid surface scratches by sweeping or vacuuming your floor as often as necessary to remove loose dirt

Weekly maintenance is by way of mopping/washing the floor with luke warm water and a recommended neutral detergent or floor cleaner and rinse with clean water.


It is possible to remove stains with pure floor cleaner.

Do not use solvents.

In case of tar and other stubborn marks clean with white-spirit if necessary.


Do not use wax.

Protect furniture and chair legs with plastic or felt tips since wax may migrate.

Do not use rubber wheels and pads.

Do not lay the material in a room where chemicals are used.



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